Improvement in the sexual health

Decreased onward transmission of HIV Reduction in the number of people living with undiagnosed HIV Improvement in the health of people living with HIV Long Term Objectives Increase in the uptake of health services among the African communities [e.g. HIV testing Increased knowledge of HIV and sexual health services

Working With Individuals

Presenting information and available options to local African people in relation to sexual health and HIV Providing one-to-one support to individuals [e.g. accompanying people to testing clinics Hospital and Prison visits accompany clients to solicitors and MP surgeries to sort out immigration issues] Signposting to other services [e.g. local authority services]

  • Our conference comes a decade after we first engaged, as a community organisation in Medway in 2003. We have faced many obstacles since then. We have dealt with these head-on, sometimes at great personal expense. Throughout this time, however, we have also made many advances in dealing with HIV and AIDS

    Working With Service Providers

    Mapping Exercise to find where target population can best be accessed and what services are already being accessed by target group Collaborative working with African and other Black and Ethnic Minority groups around events such as those associated with World Aids Day, Black History Month & Independence Day

    Volunteer Service to Improve Health

    The primary aim of this service is to reduce health inequalities by working with people from Black African communities who are not frequently exposed to health promotion activities in other parts of the health or social care sector, in order to increase healthy behaviours and offer opportunities to learn new skills and employment

    Welcome to our web site

    Dealing with a medical condition is often difficult. Connecting with others who are going through the same thing can make a world of difference. HACO is a place where you can make those connections.

    At HACO we provide a unique one-stop peer support centre for people from the African community infected/effected by HIV, through partnership with various organisations, we provide a comprehensive Health Guide with valuable health information and tools for managing your health.

    To participate in our community all you need to do is to speak to us on 01634 844044, alternatively you can register on our website, which registering with us is free, quick, easy and safe. 




    Supporting & Funding Us

    Please support us to change the lives of African people living with HIV across Medway/Swale and reduce the number of Africans living with undiagnosed HIV. Sustained intervention and behavioural changes is what is needed to bring down the level of infection.  We need your support to keep the project going, to make a donation please make a cheque payable to:  Health Action Charity Organisation , NO 1 Canterbury Street , Gillingham, Kent. ME7 5TP